We believe in the power & magic of melody. In the sonic-alchemy all around us. 
It changes the way we think, feel and perceive ideas through a language that knows no borders.

As a collective of creators we explore these themes in our every-day lives, in our work, in honing our craft and exploring its relationship with the listeners and world around them. Delivering a bespoke service for any job that falls in to the vast world of sound 
is a challenge we thrive upon. From the interaction & communication to the composition, production and delivery of our art — we feel the experience should be elevated for all involved.

We are Sonic-consultants, Music-manipulators, Audio-Enthusiasts and Artists with ears to bend. We take an energetic and unique approach to our work and won’t settle for the ordinary when the extraordinary is always at arms reach.

We Give Sound Advice.


Angus Gruzman
Angus Gruzman

Angus describes himself as “somewhere between an enthusiastic experimentalist and a music maniac” and he certainly has a diverse approach 
to sound – honed after decades of experience running record labels, touring, producing events, playlisting, on-set recording and composing original scores.

As a DJ at nightclubs, festivals and fashion house shows – has amassed a remarkably broad knowledge of music and a record collection with its own postcode. Through his record label Multi-Culti he has provided clients such as Cartier, 
Dior and Louis Vuitton with work and has composed original music for nature documentaries, runway shows, mindfulness retreats & art installations.

Jack Freeman
Jack Freeman

Jack is a London-based composer, musician and producer. Previously one third of Australian indie-dance outfit Jagwar Ma, Jack has played bass for UK indie-rock band Foals since 2020. In parallel, Jack’s passion for and background in composition led him to taking 
on commercial work for clients such as Lacoste, Mr. Porter & The British 
Fashion Council.

An accomplished songwriter and performer, his productions and arrangements regularly comprise big top-lines, infectious hooks and considered instrumentation – as well as incorporating a satisfying depth of experimentation that stands out in a commercial contemporary music scene that too often shies away from pushing sonic boundaries.

Griffin James
Griffin James

Griffin James takes an eccentric approach to music with one ear leaning in the past and the other bending towards the future.

Under the moniker Francis Inferno Orchestra he has penned breakthrough records to international acclaim with a steady flow of contemporary and electronic productions over the course of the last ten years. Alongside his production, Griffin runs the Superconscious Records label with Australian musician Fantastic Man. Griffin too is a formidable selector whose 
live sets are full of esoteric rarities and eclectic selections.

Now based in Los Angeles, he continues to hone his craft producing, scoring, sound-designing and pushing the boundaries within his work for film, fashion projects and a breadth of other artistic enterprises.